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Heal Your mind, Heal your body DIY

Give yourself the gift of feeling younger by learning how to love your body back to health!

What you'll get:

  • 6 Group Coaching calls with Dr Yvette  to help you learn to review, repair, reconnect, release, reset and recalibrate  and weekly video health tips, access to closed community  group to ask your questions and to learn from each other,  worth $1000 
  •  Cell Blueprint Assessment to help you focus on what is the priority in  your body for  attention right now worth $200 
  • 1 Voice NES Scan to assess the state of your biofield and learn how to change it to support health worth $100


Lifetime access to members only  library  that includes a progressive comprehensive series of mini lectures on the fundamentals to health worth $100 a year,

3 taster classes to help challenge and grow you. worth $100

1 complimentary Hyper vibe and infra red sauna  session at the Pit Stop worth $70

10 % discount  off retail price for recommended supplements

10% discount to use of pitstop equipment, including tests eg Oligoscan, NES, Thermometry, max pulse

Priority consults with Dr Yvette at 50% off worth $125 per 20minute.   


Wait, If you are ready for this program, Money should not be the reason you don't get access to this gift of Self-Love !

As the Love physician, the currency I value most is Love.  Money is only money and it should be seen as an instrument of love , not its master.

 I am deeply grateful for all the insights and blessings that I have received throughout my career as a GP supporting my patients in their healing journey and my own healing journey and am committed to sharing this with everyone, as my way of paying it forward.

As such, I am determined that no one should be deprived of the access to this course because of money.  So, if you feel ready to commit yourself 100% to learn to be loved by myself, yourself, God, and others, and become Love to this world, but unable o afford the course, please email to  support @lovephysician .com.au and let me know how ready you are for this program, and how much you can pay for the course that doesn’t put you in  financial distress but still able to gain your  full commitment and attention . I  will provide you with a discount code to match your offer. No questions asked.

Having said that, many of us place a lot of value on money and provide only lip service to self-love or self-growth. This is evident by what you spend most of your time and energy on.  If that is you, then this is your opportunity to show yourself what you truly value. The transformation that you will get out of the course is priceless, but only if you are willing to do the heavy lifting. The price point is made such to ensure your commitment and engagement, knowing that human nature is such that anything given free or cheaply is not valued.

 If you can afford this easily, yet struggle with saying yes, you probably are still not ready to commit to your own Self Love journey; and that’s okay.  Just ask yourself whether you would spend the same money on your car, or someone else .

If you are able to afford this but are looking for a big discount to commit yourself to this program, you might also not be ready for this Self Love journey as well. How often have we short-changed our own bodies, driven it to its limits, or took liberties at it because you can? And here again, for the difference of some dollars, you are willing to forgo allowing your body to experience the transformation that will bring it to beyond optimum health and function. One of the things I teach in this course is the generous disposition to your body, so if you are not ready to be generous and magnanimous with your body, you are not ready for the course, and its ok.    

Please be rest assured that  when I take on a patient on, I am committed to them until they are better or until they discharge me from my service.  I will continue to journey with them and search for answers to support them till they get to where they want to go. 


What People Are Saying:

My health last year was average looking back. I was really unwell when started working with you with long covid. Had covid twice this year and contacted you for help. I was hoping to get my health back pre covid. I wanted to be healthy again quickly. I got my health back. I understand the body is very powerful and can heal it’s self and you explained everything in ways that made sense and could help me. You were open and honest whether I liked that or not. I think we have a great relationship and we can be open and honest with each other and work to cure my issues not just put a band aid on them.

Wayne Harycki

Working with you has given me understanding of my chronic conditions which I thought could only be managed with medication.  You have explained so much about how the body and mind works, the important signs to look out for, supplements that can help and practical, simple steps I can take to improve the condition.  I never leave your office without a list of helpful options and encouragement for the journey forward.  You also give wise counsel in how to view life as health needs change because of ageing, stress, anxiety.  You deal with the whole person not just a particular condition on a given day.  I have great confidence and trust in you and in your genuine care for all your patients.  You only ever want the very best outcome for each patient and you give 200% all the time.  You are also thorough during every consultation to take basic observations and not reticent to do a ‘hands on’ examination. You also do the paperwork to enable the best outcomes for your patients through Care Plans. You are generous with your time, your expertise, your ‘gym’ equipment and your genuine care.

Ann Hiliar

SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT. My skin is healed & I have a better understanding of the route cause. I never thought stress or emotional issues would be a contributing factor but turns out it was a big part of this so by understanding this it has been a huge factor as to why I have clear skin now. Aside from that, being able to reach a place where I can see myself no longer as a victim in circumstances that happened in my life has enabled me to change so much about how I perceive my past, how I behave in my present & how I direct my future. I have also reached a place where I am able to have compassion for people who’ve wronged me in the past and therefore, forgiveness. By reaching this point I have been able to stop/minimise to vicious cycles of self-destructive behaviour that kept repeating in my life over and over. I have a relationship with my mum for the first time in 6 years which is something I never thought I would ever want, let alone be enjoying. Jennie

Jennie Regan

Definitely quality of life, but it’s not a one stop fits all. Before I met you I improved my back, sleep, breathing, better coordination and a lot more with the Alexander Technique. After that I have improved much more with your medical knowledge

Ena Bergmans

Tons of good things!! *I became very aware of the connection between emotional state and health and the magnitude of the effect of the emotions and mental state on the body. *A better understanding of the soul-body-spirit connection. *Learned to love myself as I am. *Learned the need of making decisions and taking responsibility for them and being willing to accept and live with the outcomes/consequences of those choices. *Identified many unhelpful or even detrimental daily habits that could easily be changed and make a difference in my healing journey. *Learning that healing is a journey and not a onetime occurrence.  *Learned to love my body, spirit and soul and restore relationship with each of these parts. *Working with a physician that listens and then deeply research information and your ailment, to best be able to support me. A physician with a very big belt of tools at her disposal. *To work together with a physician and to be able to hear different views and opinions and then to be able to make my own decision on the course to follow without being just told to follow the one-size-fits-all treatment plan.  *To make peace with certain situations that before I would not have. *Learned many different strategies that I can use that allow improved health and mental & emotional wellbeing *A physician who is very positive, hopeful, supportive and cares for the individual wellbeing of her patients.

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