Heal your mind, Heal your body, Heal your life!

Heal your Mind, Heal your  Body,  90 day  total body reset :

learn to love your body back to health, wholeness and purpose!

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of feeling younger in your mind and heart in 90 days' time?


The time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.

John F  Kennedy

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You Can Create a Healthier future for yourself! 

Learn the foundation to building health and use it to:

  • Repair what is not going right your body at this point in your life.
  • Learn the love language of your body so you can give it what it needs to heal for you before it becomes chronic. 
  • Build a strong reserve of health so that you have confidence that you can recover quickly from any acute illness or injury. 
  • Feel excited and confident about your future and dare to commit to living out your dreams without worrying that your health will let you down. market.
  • Show up in life and live the best version of yourself !

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

In Heal you Mind, Heal your Body 90 day reset, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your Health future.


In The Next 3  Months, You Could…

  • Feel sharper in your mind
  • Younger in your body
  • Lighter in your heart.

Jumping start your health routine that addresses all the fundamentals can make all the difference. We’ll cover it all in the Heal your mind, Heal your Body 90 day Reset!


Heal you Mind, Heal your Body 90 day Reset Program


  Are    You   Ready To  Take Control of Your   Future Health?

This 12 week program will teach  you       everything you need to know to go from tired, stressed, worried about your health  to energy, confidence and excited about your future health.   You’ll learn how to:

  • Repair and maintain excellent health in mind and body
  • Save more each month because your health is allowing you to be more consistent in life and work. 
  • Grow stronger in mind and body as you build health reserve that will serve you in times of crises.

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart  health practices, you could start living the life of your dreams.

This transformational Program Is For You If...

  • You are sick of feeling sick
  • You tried everything and still not getting results that you expect.
  • You know you don’t have much health reserve to weather the next 'storm'.
  • You dream of living a more active and healthy life even as you grow older.
  • You want to show up in the world and be part of the solution but fear that your body will let you down.
  • You are looking for good quality support  to be successful in your own health efforts.

The Program includes :

6  modules:

1. Review :

your Cell Blue Print to prioritize what your body needs. Learn to recognize cues of the body for safety . 

 2. Repair :

 Reduce the stress in your body through learning to  keep yourself safe  with timely self regulation. Appreciating   the magnificence of your body and learn how to heal it through respect for the body and working with it rather than against it. Heal your relationship with food and  become fat adapted so that you can start to do time restricted eating, connect to sources of energy outside food.  

3.  Reconnect :

 Reinstate your internal community – your self, microbiome and your boundaries. You are an intrinsic part of nature. Return to your nature, be one with nature

4  Release:

 Letting go of thoughts beliefs that  no longer serving you. Release habits that are no longer serving you as an act of love.

5. Reset :

Face up to your fears,  pride , unhealthy beliefs  realign to what you truly believe in.

Challenge your body through movement, alignment and Fasting

6. Recalibrate

 Recalibrate new found health and well being, adjusting to a better version of yourself


Set yourself up for success  through this easy to follow DIY Program 

Many courses focus on the head knowledge. The Heal you Mind, Heal you Body Program helps you make the journey from your head to your heart. 

In this comprehensive and holistic program, you will learn to give yourself the commitment, consistency and the companionship that is required to transform your health and your life!

DIY means you can take your time with the course and go at your own pace and still have access to the group coaching calls for support.  This program will complement working with me face to face since I will never be able to cover all the material in this course during our consults in such a systematic way. This is by far the most cost effective way to work with me 

Payment Plan


3 monthly payments


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Save $42!

Go All the way!
GET STARTED TODAY on the Heal your Mind, Heal your Body Program and its follow up Program Heal Your Life Live Your Purpose  program Now!
3 monthly payments of $110
single payments of $288 AUD

Get the Heal your Mind, Heal Your Body and its follow up Program Heal Your Life , Live your Purpose program Now to accelerate your healing journey  !

 Heal you Body

6 fortnightly  Group Coaching calls to address 6 Rs


Learning to have a healthier  relationship with food,  learn the ropes to fasting safely, learn to connect to sources of energy outside food.

 Learn authentic self love by allowing  vulnerability to yourself and responding with self love and self compassion. No more  pretending to be more than who you are . Time to keep it real!



What People are saying about the course

This 90 day reset course has given me the knowledge and the tools within a supportive environment to transform my relationship with myself and my body. Authentic Self-love is the key to true healing and wholeness! 

Margaret Adams


I was anxious about my chronic right leg pain (? Bursitis) which flared up over the last 18/12 from too much competitive sport. I was anxious about my poor memory . I was constantly fatigued for a period of months after Covid. I was needing to get a grip on my life and required leadership for this. I signed up for the course believing that the above issues could be addressed and set right. I was hoping to have my leg pain healed, my memory improved and feeling able to cope much better energy wise. I have received much out of the course. Firstly being able to look at myself, assess my life, look at different ways to manage issues that were troubling me. Totally different outlook on life away from the medical model. The different challenges put to me. The content of the course was excellent. So many different aspects were presented and ways of achieving and managing one’s issues through these ideas.  I have been a very committed, consistent and efficient person in my life but the course rejigged me into line again. Biggest take aways for me are looking at life and issues differently, along with using new skills to assist in life.  

Margaret Mullins


Dr Tan’s 90 Day Total Body Reset has given me the knowledge, tools and motivation to enable my body to heal and stay well as I grow older. With gentleness and compassion, she delivered a professional course that enabled me to understand how to optimise my mental & emotional health in order to find freedom from physical pain & sickness. I look forward to the changes that will take place as I consistently practise all I have learnt over the past 3 months.

Janet Lane