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Know your

Cell Blueprint™  to focus on what really matters  and stop wasting time and money!

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Stop guessing what is wrong with you and start focusing what your cells need to get better once and for all!

Get Your Cell Blueprint

Stop barking up the wrong tree!

Are you sick of going around in circles trying to get answers for your health, but getting mediocre results?

Are you  tired of  spending huge amounts of time, money and effort chasing up the mould or the toxicity or the gut or the thyroid etc and still not getting better?

 Are you terrified you will not get better and feeling hopeless because the doctors are saying that there is nothing more, they can do for you?

Are you  stuck in analysis paralysis, confused by what you are learning out there  and  overwhelmed by all you need to do to get better?

Are you disappointed  with seeing doctors, naturapaths and other health professionals ,who only dish out what they know  and don’t know what they don’t know, so you are led on a merry go round of tests and supplements with no results?

Are you ready to discover the root causes of your health problems  and start addressing them so that you can reclaim your health

The reason you have not gotten results.

First of all , most  health practitioners only see part of the problem.

It is like the case of 3 blind men feeling the elephant. Everyone is right about what they feel, but all limited in their own perspective of the problem.  

What they see depends on what they have in their toolkit; and if you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail!

So you might have been told it is a mould toxicity or mercury or gluten , or leaky gut.

They are all right, but no one has gotten the full picture , the 12 feet view, and most are not even aware of the blind spots!

Of course, the worse is the allopathic doctor who might not even be feeling any part of the elephant, but its shadow, and then advises that you take a mat to cover it so you don’t have to be bothered by it!



So  if you want results, you need to go as broad as you can and as upstream as you can.

I am well aware that there is still a lot of the elephant that I might not be able to see, but if I reduce the elephant to its smallest particle, the cell and learn to support it at that cellular level, I can get you the results without having to understand the whole elephant!

By supporting  the cells to be healthy, we will then have healthy  tissues, healthy organ systems, and a healthy body.  Having a healthy body  results in  a healthy individual which then makes for a healthy population.  Can you see how just by targeting the cell which is the most upstream, we can effect broad changes for your self and the world around you!

It's that simple : we're all made up of cells.( 70 trillion or more!) Every tissue, every organ, every organ system, and every person is made up of cells. Therefore, if the cells aren't healthy, the person isn't healthy.  So rather than chasing symptoms and applying protocols to every issue presented, by backtracking to cellular health we simplify the  approach  to health and improve your outcomes.

In fact with this approach of working at the cellular level, we don’t even need to worry about the diagnosis, as that would be like feeling only a tiny  part of the elephant and insist that it is all there is!



The three fundamentals to healing :

Cell Energy

 Raw Material

Information and communication


If these 3 things are given to your cells, they can repair, restore and replace themselves and you will naturally heal !

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So what is the  The Cell Blueprint™

The Cell Blueprint™  Assessment, developed by Dr Bryan Walsh of Metabolic Fitness, is an evidence-driven questionnaire which uses symptoms of  cellular dysfunction to determine what your cells need to function optimally .

It will help determine what we need to  Provide, Protect and Promote so that the cells  will have the cell energy, raw materials and information to start healing.

As the assessment will give us some information about your oxygenation, hydration, pH , toxicity, immune dysregulation, detoxification and micronutrient status , this will allow you to then  address dysfunction in the body before it leads to damage and destruction. This is proactive care and true preventative work

Most Expert Advice, Intake Processes, and Questionnaires are Great at Giving Us A Lot of Information But Not Great at Helping Us Choose a Clinical Direction

The Cell Blueprint™ provides the clinical direction you are looking for to achieve consistent, repeatable success.

YES, I WANT to know my Cell Blueprint

Stop Guessing and Start Knowing

With this method, there is a lot  Less guessing, less supplements, less testing, less feeling like a failure.  

The Cell Blueprint™, is an easy-to-implement, reliable system that allows you to streamline your  approach  to  your health recovery journey and confidently determines the best clinical direction  for you without even needing to work with me one on one.

The Cell Blueprint™ has been applied  to countless clients to successfully improve their health, It is based on science for a repeatable, dependable method to provide direction for healing with confidence.


The Cell Blueprint™


Know your Cell Blueprint NOW

 How Does It Work? 

Simple. All you need to do is

  1.  Complete the Cell Blueprint questionnaire. This is an easy-to-complete, three-page, evidence-based, 150 question assessment that you can fill out in under ten minutes.
  2.  Once you answer the questions, you complete The Cell Blueprint evaluation form, which will show you, based on your symptoms, which areas that their Cell Blueprint needs the most work. 
  3.  Complete the Cell Blueprint Background Health Questionnaire  which is  one page summary of your  health challenges, and journey
  4.  Sign the Consent Form to work with me.

 Email the completed four documents through and I will provide you a 20 minutes recorded  summary of my recommendations  for you to get started.

You will  also be given access to the  tools and foundation for your health success in the membership are for  three months. This includes:

  1. Many Hours of Video Instruction on how to support healing at the physical, mental and spiritual level.
  2. Downloadable book on the foundation of health
  3. Useful information I have learnt from many that have shaped my perspective in health and healing.
  4. Access to the closed community group where you can ask questions.
  5. 20% off for all other programs offered @thelovephysician.com.au