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The Tyranny of ANTS!

Automatic Negative Thoughts!

Are you suffering from ANTS ?

Is your mind hijacked by ANTS , so that you have analysis paralysis

Do you find you are stuck in the mud , shipwrecked by your anxiety ?

Are you suffering anxiety and its many disguises (frustration, anger, stress, overwhelm, analysis paralysis, stuck, sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, guilt, shame, addiction) that has taken you out of life , or limited your engagement with it?

Are you stuck in your life and seem to be one ground hog day after another , or the same old junk ? You probably have ANTS that is attracting the same old , same old into your life.

Are you still feeling poorly despite your best efforts ? You probably have ANTS  that is blocking you from full healing because the body’s natural tendency is to heal.


ANTS drives fear and anxiety !


When you are in a state of fear, your physiology does not work well, and it sets you on the path of dysfunction and disease.

Managing stress or fear  is as useful as  managing a gun shot in your head! It will eventually kill you! 

You need to get rid of it, no matter how or what !

A lot of the ANTS are subconscious.

So, you might not even be aware that it exists.

In fact, the subconscious thoughts are a million times more powerful than the conscious thoughts.

That is why all the positive affirmations and visualization in the world will  not get you to where you want to go without actively engaging your subconscious or what I fondly call your monkey mind.


Reprogramming  your subconscious mind so that it not only stops producing ANTs  , but start producing APTs ( automatic positive thoughts) is the fastest way out of this.

Through years of helping myself and my patients , I have  found a simple yet effective way to do this.

Free yourself from the shackles of ANTS
  and take a big step forward towards  a happier and more fulfilled life!
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Yes, I need one session with Dr Yvette to help me out!

Living with your mind trash is cruel !

 It is like shooting yourself in both feet and demanding yourself to still run!

If you ever want to get better , if you ever want a different reality  than what is, then the first thing you need to do in your healing journey is to take out the mind trash.

Once the mind is in the right place, everything else will fall into place.

All the effort you put will then finally work in synergy to get you to where you truly want to go. 

Committing to taking the mind trash out is the kindest thing you can do for yourself.

You don’t have to do it alone.

It will be my privilege and honour to journey with you until you are ready to do it on your own. 

Are you ready to learn the most self-empowering technique available to tame your subconscious mind?

Yes, I will need 4 sessions with Dr Yvette to help me out!

Yvette recognised that I needed a safe space to experience my emotions so she led me through a tapping meditation that helped me to fully realise and release the fears that were affecting my decision making. Yvette made me feel allowed to exist in the form I presented in, she helped me to face my most difficult emotions and work through them. It is clear that Yvette's primary goal is to help people, she empowered me to be able to use my pain as a path towards healing, and to be able to do it independently from her whilst still making it okay to need support when I needed it. 

Seeing Yvette for just twenty minutes, is equal to years of speech therapy for me, it is a somatic release and brings clarity to my thoughts and helps me to organise and process my feelings. 

Learning how to tap effectively has been life changing for me, including near eradicating my trauma symptoms and helping me to become more present in my life.  Natalija


Don’t think twice. Kelsey and her courses are the real deal.

-Kevin Bennett

Tapping into my inner self to achieve healing. The introduction to natural and breakthrough therapies that are not mainstream have achieved great outcomes. These have become my healing regime.  Vevita 


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